faunaphor album cover 3c.jpg
Weeks’ vocals are as charming and hypnotic as ever...
— Soundchips
...colourful harmonic language, complex arrangements, and striking lyrics...
— Electric North
All my favourite little details of electro-pop are present in Faunaphor’s debut single ‘In A Library, In The Summer.’
— Unrecorded
...peaceful but stimulating ... firmly arranged and conveying pure pop sophistication and elegance.
— Destroy // Exist

On September 8th, 2017 Faunaphor released their debut album And There I Was.  

Faunaphor is the newly formed minimalist pop duo from critically acclaimed and award-winning Noah Berman and Louis Weeks. With a running time of almost 40 minutes and six tracks, Faunaphor's And There I Was is a concise and deliberate composition that moves through Weeks and Berman's unique and idiosyncratic soundscapes and vivid lyrics. It's an album about dreams, memories, the limits of language, and our many-sided selves. 

Weeks and Berman's recordings have previously been featured on NPR, The Washington Post, and the Washington City Paper's list of Best Local Releases.

You can listen to the full record here.